My love and admiration for health and healing began as a young lady.  I was sick and no doctor was able to diagnosis of my illness.  One day while sitting in the presence of a Neurologist, she wrote a prescription for me and instead of walking away, the God inside of me started questioning her.  My first question, is this drug going to heal me.  She responded, No!  My second question, how long do I have to take this drug?  The doctor responded, "For the rest of your life."  And my final question, "what is the side-effect?"  She responded, "Oh, it will grow hair on your face!"  At age 15, my life flashed in front of my hairy face and I started to cry.  My mom touched my shoulder and told me, "Let's go, we will pray about it."  As my mom tried her best to comfort me, I cried, no boyfriend, no college, no babies, no life.  When I arrived at home, I sat on steps and a thought crossed my mind, "we must all die."   And right there, I promised myself that I would live my life to the fullest until I am no more.  Later that month, my mom made an appointment for me to see a Naturalist.  And I will never for get what he asked me, "If your roof was leaking, will you put a bucket to collect the water or will you fix the roof?"  And I immediately responded, "I would fix the roof."  The next thing he told me that I will never forget is, "Our digestive system is the root of all diseases."  Since then I've used natural remedies to help me with my health and 25 years later I am still here.  The short part of my story is, "I have a daughter and I graduated from Chiropractic school."  I have dedicated my life with using with using research and natural medicine.

According to the Health Guidance organization, the total economic cost associated with digestive diseases has been estimated at more than $50 billion annually. Digestive diseases are the second leading cause of disability due to illness in the U.S., with more than 2 million Americans impaired to some degree. It is estimated that 400,000 persons are completely disabled by digestive diseases and 1.2 million people are limited in the work they perform due to digestive diseases. Digestive diseases are the leading cause of time lost from work for male employees, and account for 15% of all absences from work among workers ages 17-64 years. 

In my opinion, digestive diseases are lifestyle disease, which means we are in control of our lifestyle, which mean we have the ability to decrease our cost of our annual economic cost, if we take charge.  For my 7 step plan to good for good health, please contact me directly, at drcpeter@yahoo.com or 340.277.6398.

5 Reason to Clean Your Colon

1. Support Healthy Digestion

2. Boosts Energy and Well-Being

3. Gives Your Brain a Boost

4. Rejuvenates your Skin

5. Helps to Stop Health Problems before they start