Earthly Relief is a tincture formulated with pure essential oils, herbs & spices, known for their abilities to dilate blood vessels to increase circulation by promoting healing to restore joint function.

Earthly Relief works faster, penetrates deeper and lasts longer than any other topical product.

Earthly Relief - Caribbean Join Pain Relieving Ointment works by penetrating deep into you skin and muscle tissue.  Earthly Relief is a tincture with a combination of essential oils, herbs, and spices.  Upon contact, it immediately begin to work to reduce pain and relieve stiffness in the joint.   For optimum relief, apply a small amount directly onto the area of pain or stiffness, allowing it to absorb for two to three minutes.  Don't wipe away any remaining that has not been absorbed; massage it into surrounding areas. You may safely use Earthly Relief as often as needed. For many customers, using Earthly Relief three times a day is ideal - when you wake up, at midday, and finally just before bedtime, depending on your level of pain.   Regular use will continue to alleviate pain and help to prevent it from returning or if it does return, with less intensity.

Try applying Earthly Relief to both knees and ankles in the morning and have a wonderful day!

Key ingredients include in this tincture:

  • Bayleaf, Cinnamon,
  • Peppermint 0il, Camphor oil
  • other organic Herbs, Spices, & Essential Oils