For the last 15 years, my wife suffered with horrible sciatic nerve episodes.  We were introduced to ER and we had the bottle in our house for the last 3 weeks.  I used it periodically on my shoulder cause it aches after lifting weights.  Last night, my wife's sciatica nerve flared up and I asked her if she wanted to try ER.   I rubbed some on her lower back and gluts region. I asked her what was the pain level on a scale from 1 to 10 and she said 8. After I rubbed the ER on her, within a minute she said that she felt the pain level dropped to 3.  I was amazed, I haven't seen anything like this on the market to relieve my wife's sciatic pain so quickly.  ER is definitely an amazing product.  Anyone out there with any muscular or joint pain issues, try ER .  Trust me, you will not be disappointed or your money back.

John P, Customer Service Rep. (Miami, Fl)

"I suffer from degenerative disease and a bulging disk. ER has help me tremendously. I had trouble with my hip especially getting out of my car after driving for awhile, but with ER I can get out with hardly any discomfort. ER is awesome." 

Kathleen C., Retired Teacher (St. Croix, VI)


"As a scientist, I use pipettes a lot, so having shoulder or elbow pain can be very troublesome. I have dealt with this excruciating pain in my shoulder and elbow for over 15 years. The elbow pain was defined as tendonitis. After lots of steroidal shots, my doctor said no more because tissue damage can incur. To my dismay, the pain never dissipated and surgery was my next option. The pain had become so bad that it was radiating to my fingers. Couldn’t braid my two daughter’s hair anymore. It took a lot of effort to do my own hair. Today I must testify that after using Dr. Peter’s Earthly Relief, my pain have decreased almost to 0 percent. Thank you Dr. Peter for enabling me to perform my job without that troublesome interruption and disturbance. Most of all I’m grateful for being able to beautify my 2 girl’s hair. Earthly relief is the way to go." 

Perrine V., Scientist (Bloomfield, NJ)


After suffering from muscle tightness and fatigue post workout, I started using Dr. Peter's miracle ointment and immediately I felt the tension and soreness melt away. I use this product pre and post workout and then at nights. I love this ointment and I would recommend it to other athletes. 

Laverne Jones-Ferrette, Three-Time Olympian


After using ER, I got a relief that lasted a couple hours. In the past, I've used many pain relieving products, but I didn't experienced much relief. You see, I have chronic pain as a result of an injury I sustained while competing as a track & field athlete in my younger years. Now at age 81, I have chronic pain in my knees, shoulder, and index fingers. Dr. Peter introduced me to a special ointment that relieved the stiffness in index fingers, decrease pain in my knees, and increased range of motion in my shoulder. I will continue to use this product, because I am experiencing a better quality of life at 81 years of age. 

Fitzroy James, Former Decathlon Athlete for Trinidad & Tobago (Atlanta, Ga) 


Dr. Peter is a life saver through massage therapy and chiropractic care, now with her new oil has helped me through some rough times with my health. I am recovering from breast cancer and the radiation and other medical procedures used to save my life. However many complications had caused my health to spiral downward.  In comes Dr. Peter to help my body to fight off some of these complications.  My back, especially left side (breast cancer found in left breast), was in constant pain. Dr. Peter worked on this side especially with results being that I no longer feel constant pain.  Just recently Doctor Peter came to help me using her new oil. After having bronchitis I had knots all over my back because of stress and constant coughing. Dr Peter used the oil during a massage session and I must say, I have improved speedily because of the oil and Dr Peter’s skills. I could tell the difference immediately upon use. I wish to thank her for really caring, and her dedication to her patients.

Shirley Collins, soon to be 69 years old (Atlanta, Ga)